Republic of Slovenia – Tourism Development Strategy

Republic of Slovenia – Tourism Development Strategy – Slovenia

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Slovenia
Product: Masterplanning

Slovenia is an EU-member state with three globally distinct attributes of Alps, Mediterranean and Pannonia. However, over the last 25 years tourism sector was actively managed, leading to suboptimal utilization of tourism assets.

Scope of Work
Horwath HTL Croatia was appointed to deliver an action-driven tourism development strategy with strong focus on restructuring of hotel sector and modernization of the whole tourist experience on national level. In addition, tourism marketing strategy with digital marketing component was developed. We had the mission to define a sustainable tourism development strategy for Slovenian tourism until 2021, including following key segments:

  • Market analysis
  • Tourism value chain assessment
  • Stakeholders mapping
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Strategy definition
  • Strategy development of 6 key improvement areas:
    • Experiential clustering and tourism products
    • Institutional and legislative frame improvement
    • Spatial, natural and cultural development strategy
    • Investment strategy
    • SME
    • HR strategy
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Action plan


The whole process identified over 90 actionable policies, measures and activities, ensuring focused and effective tourism development process. Strategy development process consisted of series of in-depth interviews and interactive workshops organized with leading industry stakeholders on national and destination level. Horwath HTL proposed following key solutions within the strategy:

  • Experiential structuring of Slovenia in four regional clusters
  • Definition of primary tourism products
  • Privatization and restructuring of state-owned companies
  • Development of key strategic projects and international investment market packages
  • Improvement of tourism management and regulation system
  • Strategic marketing recommendations related to branding, marketing and promotion.

Strategy is officially adopted by Slovenian Government as of October 2017, with ongoing active implementation of key measures.