Business Optimization & Hotel Operator Search

Business Optimization & Hotel Operator Search – Berlin, Germany

Key Service: Asset Management
Location: Berlin, Germany
Product: Operator search

Horwath HTL was commissioned by the owner of a luxury hotel property to stabilize and optimize operations with the existing operating company, while at the same time carrying out a search for a new operating company. The goal of the project was to find a new long term solution for the operation of the hotel, at the same time as incentivizing and supporting the existing operators. The transition from one operator to another can be delicate and needs to be managed in a transparent manner to ensure disruption is minimized and guest satisfaction and returns are maintained.

Scope of Work
Horwath HTL carried out an international bidding process for a new operator and was responsible for negotiating the terms of the contract and lease with the bidders. In just a few months, the negotiations were successfully concluded for all participants and agreement reached. Horwath HTL was also responsible for the transfer of the existing business to the new hotel operator to ensure a smooth handover process.

The consulting services provided by Horwath HTL not only identified weak points and opportunities during ongoing operations, but also resulted in a noticeable optimization of the operational business. The new operator has significantly improved bottom line performance resulting in increased margins for the owners.

The project was successfully completed in 2017.