Ski Resort Destination Master Planning & Feasibility Study

Ski Resort Destination Master Planning & Feasibility Study – Changbaishan, China

Key Service: Planning & Development
Location: Changbaishan, China
Product: Master Planning & Feasibility Study

Scope of Work: The Shanghai office prepared written market research report and detailed SWOT analysis for the Client, including artist renditions of sustainable construction standards, development zoning scheme, recommended transportation infrastructure, and phasing strategy. In addition, comparable destination case studies both inside China and internationally were identified for their best development practices.

Description of Project: Develop an executable 10-year tourism development plan for a 3,000km2 area including the Changbai Mountain UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in China’s Jilin province including the development of diverse outdoor and indoor recreational activities, multiple resort hotels, and the effective integration of future transportation infrastructure with access to tourist attractions. Identify land parcels available for adaptive reuse that could be used to attract investors to develop resorts and other tourism facilities.

Project Status: Resort officially opened in 2012.