Marina Resort Heiligenhafen

Marina Resort Heiligenhafen – Heiligenhafen, Germany

Key Service: Tourism & Leisure
Location: Heiligenhafen, Germany
Product: Masterplan

The Marina Resort Heiligenhafen project was declared by the Schleswig-Holstein region as a “‘lagship project’, one earmarked to make an important contribution to the long-term and sustainable future of Heiligenhafen and the surrounding region as a tourist destination.

In July 2013, the ‘PRIMUS Marina Resort Heiligenhafen GmbH’ started to build 30 thatched cottages between the pier and marina, as well as other buildings with holiday apartments, maritime trade/services and gastronomy.

In 2015/2016, two hotels, the Beach Motel Heiligenhafen and the Bretterbude Heiligenhafen, developed by product developer Jens Sroka and his team, were built directly on the new pier. Initially, Horwath HTL were hired to produce a sustainable tourism development framework, that could be used to develop the site.

Working with the Architect firm of Seebauer, Wefers and Partner GbR, the development concept of ‘Marina-Resort Heiligenhafen’ was created for the approximately 80,000 square meters area, with unique location qualities directly on the Baltic Sea beach and at the 5-star marina. The goals and contents of this master plan concept were confirmed by the city of Heiligenhafen in spring 2010. As part of further project development, Horwath HTL supported HVB in the acquisition of suitable operators and investors.