Looking Inside Out: Finding Resilience in Society

By Horwath HTL on 15. February 2021

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Industry Report: Looking Inside Out – Finding Resilience in Society

With the ongoing pandemic, where inter-regional and international travel is restricted, hotels are forced to rethink the way they do business.

A hotel is not just a siloed concrete structure on a said street, but a building within a community. A hotel is a part of a larger local ecosystem, which is integrated within society.

With traditional travel coming to an all-time low, hotels have little choice but to converge with their local/domestic society, creating several interdependencies. These interdependencies can be classified into four main categories – Economic, Environmental, Social, and Health.

This latest industry report, by Ambika Gandhi, highlights mechanisms and ideas through which the hospitality industry can engage with society, under these four dimensions.

Building Environmental Resilience 

  • Master Planning – Thinking Long-Term about Societies 
  • Beyond Sustainable Spaces – Considering the Overall Environment 
  • Putting Community in Feasibility 
  • Building with Purpose – Community Inspired Spaces 
  • Vitalizing Dead Space – Revamping of Existing Hotel Spaces 
  • Creating Societal Resilience 
  • Sourcing within your Society 
  • Creating a ‘Favourite’ 
  • Ethical Operations 

Generating Economic Benefits 

  • Better Return on Investment 
  • Enhanced Guest Visitation and Loyalty 
  • Safeguarding Culture 

Enabling Health and Safety 

  • Employee Retention and Satisfaction 
  • Keeping your Guests and Employees Safe

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