Can Hotels create Convergence Economies?

By Horwath HTL on 9. October 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to question the way our economy and society have operated for centuries. The pandemic coupled with severe climate change is making us rethink age-old operating models, forcing many industries to reoptimize their operations. This holds true for the hotel industry as well.

For the hospitality industry, fostering local community development has been undertaken sporadically. The worldwide pause in international travel has acted as a reminder that engaging with the local community is essential to business continuity.

Hotel design, development, operations, services and amenities putting communities front and centre make the global and the local converge. This report, by Horwath HTL Canada, highlights how hotel owners, developers, franchisers and hotel companies can reimagine their operations by placing local community development at the core of their DNA, thereby creating win-win situations.


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