Asia Pacific: Sustainability Data Trends 2020

By Horwath HTL on 9. October 2020

AP Sustainability Trends 2020 scaled 1

The fourth Asia Pacific Sustainability Data Trends 2020 Report is now live with expanded insight!

The Report highlights key trends in usage and cost for both energy and water categories, as well as top trending best practices grouped by common, established, emerging and innovative practices.

These key findings serve as a benchmark to understand the region’s status on implementing sustainability throughout the different areas of hotel operations. The data set includes 2,453 hotels across 13 countries (2,088 full-service, 273 limited service and 92 unidentified).

The Report was produced in partnership with Greenview, which supports hospitality organizations with their corporate responsibility and sustainability platforms to drive profitability, streamline data management, keep up with trends and provide effective communications for their stakeholders by leveraging the power of data, common guidelines, best practices and innovation.


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