Strategic Brand Development Advice – Middle East

Office: Horwath HTL UK

Overview: Horwath HTL worked with a brand agency to create a solid strategic foundation for the hospitality division of client’s holding and define a clear brand product architecture with the focus on its position within the market and its relation to its different products.

Solution: The holding was established as markets in the Middle East region recovered from the financial crisis, with the intent to support the local tourism strategy and subsequent international expansion.
Horwath HTL’s scope of work included extensive market research with a focus on the upper upscale and luxury hotel markets on a global and regional level. We provided recommendations for the commercial positioning of the client’s brand family in the competitive landscape, to ensure coherent and sequential branding that encourages brand loyalty by reflecting customers differing priorities as they progress through various life stages.

Implementation: Our findings and recommendations were presented in a series of workshops with the client and the client is currently implementing the brand strategy.