Football stadium, Brentford, UK

Office: Horwath HTL UK

Overview: Horwath HTL has been working with the owners of Brentford Football Stadium on their proposed redevelopment of the site into a major multi-use project to include a new stadium, hotel and residential components.
We prepared an initial hotel feasibility study in 2009; however, the project was subsequently delayed due to the lack of available finance during the financial crisis. We were later commissioned to update our findings for planning purposes and, after further delays had affected the project as a whole, were subsequently retained to reconfirm the feasibility of the hotel component as it came closer to fruition.

Solution: Horwath HTL was appointed to evaluate the feasibility of the mid-market hotel component (which was originally to include a separate, independent conference centre though this has since been dropped) within the new stadium development. The hotel is expected to be managed by an internationally branded operator.
Our team undertook extensive local research and conducted a full analysis of the scheme in order to fully understand the opportunity for the proposed hotel component. We suggested a number of changes to the developer to improve operational efficiencies, as well as to optimise the number of rooms and hotel standards on the site. We then produced a full market study and independent financial projections.

The project remains on-going and we continue to assist the promoters as and when required in their efforts to develop the scheme.