Feasibility Study – Cambridgeshire, UK

Office: Horwath HTL UK

Overview: Horwath HTL was mandated to provide a comprehensive market & feasibility study for a proposed budget hotel as well as a due diligence report on a development offer on the site of a major leisure ground on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Solution: The Client was considering the development of a hotel within its grounds in order to increase its ongoing commercial revenue and reduce its dependence on public funds. The aim was to grant a hotel developer or operator a ground lease. Horwath HTL was approached to conduct a market and feasibility study for the purposes of validating the feasibility of the proposed development, and of assessing the potential ground rent.
As part of the scope, Horwath HTL also reviewed an existing offer for the ground lease and advised the owner of the site on the developer’s proposed commercial terms as well as the suitability of the proposed hotel.

Implementation: Our recommendations and analysis of the proposed hotel helped the client to negotiate preferable terms to the development offer.